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Ray Ban Clubmaster Polarised

Expect a break in precipitation this afternoon Precipitation from the atmospheric disturbance this morning will move out of the area by midday to early afternoon, followed by some drizzle (or freezing drizzle where any cold pockets remain). Showers will pick up again late this afternoon and evening as a second and stronger system approaches the area. By then, though, most of the DMV will be above freezing, allowing for a cold rain to fall.

Total Wine was busy, but not nearly as packed as Target. I found what I wanted quickly, with the help of some knowledgeable associates, and was on my way home. On Christmas Eve. “He doesn’t put a lot of restrictions on us.”That could explain the “Stand with Rand” car mats ($70) and “Rand on a Stick” hand paddles ($35 per dozen), which the website insists are great for “church services that lack air conditioning.”Paul received a brush back from Ray Ban in April, when the sunglass maker ordered the campaign website to stop selling the company’s iconic Wayfarer shades with “Rand” imprinted on them.The merchandise battle is spilling into the broader marketplace, with websites like CafePress offering unofficial campaign paraphernalia.Washington’s Ronald Reagan National Airport was displaying plenty of campaign gear, but it appeared one sided.Along with presidential fare, shops there were selling Clinton bobble head dolls and “Hillary 2016” mugs, but other candidates’ collectibles were not for sale yet.While several hopefuls have launched online stores, Clinton and Paul have outdone their numerous competitors.Senator Bernie Sanders, challenging Clinton for the Democratic nomination, is selling bumper stickers ($5) urging liberals to “Honk for a political revolution!”Republican Ted Cruz’s supporters can sink $40 on a Cruz iPhone case. Paul’s phone cases sell for half that, while the online Jeb Bush Store is selling a Jeb 2016 iPhone case for $12.95.Bush’s unofficial candidate status his campaign launch is expected Monday could explain the bland variety of Bush shirts and commuter mugs.Jewelers are gearing up for a 2016 campaign merchandizing bonanza.”Absolutely we’ll be in the game,” said Washington jeweler Ann Hand, whose cufflinks and pins have adorned presidents, lawmakers and first ladies.Hand said she will likely produce a pin for every candidate, and she expects they’ll sell well.”Many people are passionate about their politics,” she said.Meanwhile, Paul has gone all in with personalized memorabilia.For $1,000, a supporter can buy an autographed leather bound copy of the US Constitution. Grubbs said he has already sold several..

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