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italian teens put a spin on u

Finding the perfect black booties is a must for fall and really for any season. A good pair of black booties is a closet staple. There are hundreds of different styles to choose from so how do you know what a good fit for you? I thrifted these awesome black leather Stuart Weitzmen booties for $7! They comfy and go with a wide variety of outfits.

Alyssa Milano’s are wrong Andrew Yang refutes activist’s allegations of campaign staffer sexual misconductDemocratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang denied allegations made by actress Alyssa Milano that an unnamed campaign staffer engaged in sexual misconduct, saying the matter had been looked at promptly. During a sit down interview with Yahoo News, Yang said that he and his team conducted an internal investigation on the staffer allegedly involved in the misconduct and found no evidence of anything sexual in nature. Prisoner advocates say Anderson death and others illustrate how New York prison system fails to ensure the safety of inmates who might hurt themselves if left alone in a cell.

The one located at the bottom of the falls which in my opinion has the best view, though later in the summer tends to be very buggy due to the still water is a very romantic spot and great for couples. My favorite location is the one that is about 30 minutes past burnt rock pool, roughly at the halfway point. This location is quite and right on the rocky cost of the Agawa.

Naturally consumer behavior informs retailer decisions, but the most perplexing insight of my career was when a plus size retailer tested shoppers, showing the same styles on size 8 and 14 models, each to a different customer segment. The size 8 model translated into more sales nearly every time, even as customers demanded on social media that the brand use plus size women in their product photography. This was not an isolated incident; industry friends shared similar anecdotes about brand after brand.

Supplementation with SAM suppresses this high S phenotype. Furthermore, mutation of MSA1 affects genome wide DNA methylation, including the methylation of S deficiency responsive genes. Elevated S accumulation in msa1 1 requires the increased expression of the sulphate transporter genes SULTR1;1 and SULTR1;2 which are also differentially methylated in msa1 1.

If you have some coin to spend, I like Lesca, Nackymade, Garrett Leight, Oliver Peoples, Moscot, David Kind, and Robert Marc. Our friend Kyle wears some great eyewear (we featured him in the past). He tells us his sunglasses include Oliver Peoples MP 2s, Moscot Miltzens in crystal, and Moscot Shtarkers with brown gradient lenses.

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italy could reignite euro crisis

S are upgraded time to time and never ever go outdated. This product wins applauds everywhere in all relevant forums. This is since the Hispaniola chocolate grain alternative requires even more precision in its production procedure. 118, Rs. 187, Rs. 399 Prepaid Plans: Everything You Need to Know Vivo X30 Pro Alleged Specifications Leaked Hours Ahead of Official Launch.

Or a women’s 18 20. Is there any reason why you would make butt lifting jeans for younger thinner people. I would think that women over 30 and past a size 12 would be the perfect customers. Instead, what you’re likely to see is more of the same a very messy situation that may well resemble the civil war in Lebanon in the 1980s. Then, we had a conflict that went on for years without a clear resolution and left the country to become a staging ground for perpetual violence. I fear the same fate might befall Syria, too..

On the other hand, there are certain states which have relatively lower average prevalence but disturbing inter district differentials (figure 2). For example, Kerala has an overall prevalence of 15.7% but across districts, it ranges from 9.7% in Kasaragod to about 24% in Wayanad and Idukki having a considerable proportion of the tribal population. Similarly, Uttarakhand has an overall prevalence of 19.5% but the prevalence in worst performing district of Tehri Garhwal (46.9%) is more than five times higher than Nainital (9.0%).

$25/$40. 318 1st Ave. N. Giuliani traveled to Hungary and Ukraine earlier this month with a camera crew from One America News, a pro Trump cable network that has eagerly courted the president approval in its rivalry against Fox News. Banks to Drug Cartels?Last month, the House of Representatives passed a bill known as the SAFE Banking Act, a seemingly innocuous bill offering the nascent, state legal marijuana industry access to banks. Interestingly, many House Republicans who claim to oppose marijuana legalization voted in support of the bill.

That agenda is not just about protecting previous cultural sites, or teaching Afghan women, children and even police officers to read, or about helping to continue the Tsunami early warning system. It’s also about protecting Israel. Finds a sympathetic ear on issues related to Israel.

OCS call control is based on an Ecma technical report, TR/87 (also known as CSTA over SIP). CSTA standardizes a set of application services to observe and control voice and non voice media calls. OCS creates call control messages using CSTA, and then embeds them within SIP payloads.

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italy sunglasses king gifts staff millions in birthday bonanza

Around me, the soldiers all backed away from me, a small circle forming. That had done it. Not the killing, although it had been quite impressive. Another great color you might consider can be taken from the “Jungle”, such as green, magenta, hot deep pinks, deep golds, deep oranges or deep reds. Furniture to accompany this type of bedroom, keep with the jungle theme or antique worn black furniture looks great, as does contemporary. You can really go wild with accessories, jungle, African, beach, tropical, contemporary or keep it very simple.

The wireless RevolutionOur strive for better, more efficient functionality in a water kettle has reached almost mastery. With most great kettles being 360 degree cordless function allowing transportation to a cup without having limited range. Being restricted by a cord can lead to possible burns or just have making tea seem like more work then it should be..

First of all, you should eat smaller meals, 5 6 times per day, 2 3 hours up. This will keep your metabolism going and provide your muscles (stimulated by short, intense workouts) fed with nutrients required for growth. These meals will consist of protein, carbohydrates and fats..

No, China bought United States Treasury Bonds which are denominated in United States dollars. We repay them in United States Dollars, not Chinese Yuan. If our currency weakens and the Chinese Yuan strengthens, that is good for us because we are paying them back in less valuable currency.

Objective: To perform a systematic review of studies describing paediatric adverse drug reactions (ADRs) conducted from national pharmacovigilance databases.Methods: A systematic literature search of studies describing results for paediatric ADRs from national pharmacovigilance databases was performed. PubMed database, Embase and MEDLINE were searched up to March 2015. The descriptive studies included were analysed for country of origin, reporters, and ADR reporting rate, drugs, ADRs and number of fatalities.Results: 20 studies were identified.

As far as the related work is concerned, to the best of our knowledge, this paper is the rst to investigate security challenges at the intersection of SCaaS, NFV, and MEC. It is also the rst paper that proposes a set of criteria to facilitate a clear and e ective taxonomy of security challenges of main elements of 5G networks. Our analysis can serve as a staring point towards the development of appropriate 5G security solutions.

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italy’s economic woes pose existential threat to euro zone

Desalination plants pump out 142 million cubic metres (5 billion cubic feet) of salty brine every day, 50 percent more than previous estimates, to produce 95 million cubic metres of fresh water, the study said. University’s Canadian based Institute for Water, Environment and Health (UNU INWEH). State of Florida with 30 cms (one foot) of brine, it said of the fast growing and energy intensive technology that benefits many arid regions..

Weeks ago, the nation watched as the NYPD trapped and arrested over 700 Occupy Wall Street protesters on the Brooklyn Bridge. Protesters accused police of deliberately leading them to march onto the bridge only to arrest them hours later, suggesting that the move was coordinated from the top. Prior to the arrests, many Americans watched in disgust as videos surfaced of officers indiscriminately macing protestors in Zuccotti Park.

So don’t be afraid, we’re in this together.’ That’s when I knew this was the man for me! We dated for 5 years after that until we decided to get married! My family a few others were worried because of the age gap between us. But it wasn’t an issue for us! So when they saw us together they saw how happy I was around him, they agreed too! Believe it or not, we got married thrice! We had a traditional wedding in Alibaug, a white wedding in Spain under a waterfall the third, at a place called ‘the end of the world’ there. He’s the best thing that’s happened to me; he taught me to let go, to fall in love, to be happy.

For far too long India has been living in a financial bubble that needs to be punctured urgently before the whole thing explodes in our faces. As such, Modi and Jaitley have been right to issue early warnings against any expectation that ‘achche din’ equals a bonanza of government spending. The next eight months must be devoted to shedding the accumulated flab of government..

Background: Screening children for behavioural difficulties requires the use of a tool that is culturally valid. We explored the cross cultural acceptability and utility of the Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire for pre school children (aged 3 5) as perceived by families in New Zealand.Methods: A qualitative interpretive descriptive study (focus groups and interviews) in which 65 participants from five key ethnic groups (New Zealand European, Mori, Pacific, Asian and other immigrant parents) took part. Thematic analysis using an inductive approach, in which the themes identified are strongly linked to the data, was employed.Results: Many parents reported they were unclear about the purpose of the tool, affecting its perceived value.

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itatelj je samo za referencu

The researchers are quick to acknowledge that they have not yet even made a working prototype of the basic element of their system. But Microsoft is working on a prototype for the hardware should efforts to build qubits succeed. Burton Smith, a well known supercomputer designer who came to Microsoft from Cray in 2005 has moved to lead a new quantum hardware design group.

Though it was a landmark effort to inject a liberal ethos into Islam, the Tarjuman, unfortunately, did not have the overwhelming impact he hoped it would. The controversies that sprung up around this work, particularly from members of the ulema that were supporting him politically, dried up any inspiration in him to carry out the larger task of comprehensive religious reform and reinterpretation. Ansari in 1936, Azad became the most prominent Muslim in the Congress.

State Service offices are closed. Many local governments cannot provide full time services anymore. Those Californians who paid too much in taxes are not going to get their refunds until the budget mess is cleaned up.. Who cares which movies and shows won the Golden Globes? All the star studded audience were concerned about was which after parties they’d be hitting first, who’d be offering the best champagne and canaps, and where their best buddies were heading. Heaven forbid that Eva Longoria, Jessica Alba, Miranda Kerr and Kelly Obsourne would get it wrong and head to the WRONG party. The party that boasted only a handful of photographers camped outside, the party that Bradley Cooper wasn’t at, the party didn’t have the best goodie bag.

No matter what sort of style you like, or what kind of face shape you may possibly have, you will uncover the excellent pair on this list. It is a myth that Europeans never wear jeans. They do. For the first time, the Palm Beach Zoo will be illuminated for the holidays with over one million eco friendly lights. Decorate cookies at Mrs. Claus’ kitchen, take photos with Santa and enjoy a s’more station, face painting and more.

Each and every one of them holds a very special place in my heart. She loves the reaction of parents when they see their children perform so well. Picture: ADAM McLEAN. There are many indications that Urban Heat Island (UHI) is a significant contributor to the increased emission of greenhouse gases due to the increase in energy consumption for cooling during summer. Hangzhou is currently the second hottest city in China, and this paper investigates how the West Lake and the Xixi Wetland areas in the city act as passive thermal comfort systems in improving the outdoor built environment and mitigating UHI effect. Through using ENVI met, this research evaluates the most effective development scenarios of West Lake and Xixi Wetland area for reliving UHI effect.

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In the area of Notre Dame, you also find the St. Louis, it a smaller island where there are not many tourists, so it a nice change to the busy city! To go eat a cr there, go to the cr “Le Sarrasin et le Fromment”. It pretty cheap and not too busy2. The first step is to speak to multiple lenders. When you talk to perspective lenders, be sure to ask about a home equity line of credit (HELOC). You can use the HELOC to pay off your 2nd mortgage, considering the interest rate is lower (so that your payments will be lower).

The foundation to my uniform when just hanging out in our city is a sweatshirt, jeans, and a cross body bag (to help create a more flattering silhouette to a bulk top) . It’s usually not just a plain sweatshirt or just regular blue jeans, but at the heart of it, it’s literally sweatshirt and jeans. An irregular hemline or some tears at the knees make the relaxed outfit a little less ordinary.

The first is how nice i clean up for weddings, and the second is just walking around Target when sometime asked me if i worked there? I mean I’m all for that being the Target uniformFor those of you that don know, I a rotund gentleman. Like, if I was one of The Goonies, I be Chunk. Chubby Guy Appreciation Day is my shit.

I chose one and I found it was really helpful. The blue screen is mostly attributed to registry errors. This program is designed for fixing registry errors. The serivce level at this resort is what makes the diffence. Thank you Marival for taking care of us this year. We will be back.

Just as well they’ve got Sheen into play the man then, for you couldn’t really pick anyone doing the role quite so well. Eerier still, the shooting for the film came just after a few months after Sheen’s now infamous meltdown and subsequent sacking from his signature show Two And A Half Men. The film has been directed by Roman Coppola son of Godfather director Francis Ford..

The other piece of new hardware that was introduced at the Tech Summit was the Qualcomm Sensing Hub. What makes this sensing hub special is that in the past it was limited to camera sensors, but it now includes voice audio. It uses less than 1mW power and will help drive new use cases as it is basically always on..

Roberts believes that excessive use of cellphones (women spend an average of 10 hours a day, with men pulling down eight hours) poses a number of possible risks. In 2011, 23 percent of auto collisions involved cell phones, amounting to 1.3 million crashes. The National Safety Council has its own take and says that cell phone use leads to at least 1.6 million crashes each year.

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Plus walking will give you the chance to enjoy the wonderful sights, and sounds the town has to offer. They have a winter season, where it literally does not rain, with very low humidity, this combination lends to spectacular weather. It provides warmth in the sun and cooling in the shade.

When a security guard dumps Ron out of his wheelchair, he fights back with a Marine’s heedless bravery. “We’re gonna take the hall back!” he cries to his troops. “Fall out! Let’s move!”. Former mic man Kate Troecher is over the moon about the GoogTube deal. She so over the moon, in fact, that she made a special analysis piece on her blog on Sports just about anyone can put themselves on the Internet unfortunately, not everyone can do it with an iBook marquee or Kate Cal pride. Bubble 2.0 is a bitch.

And Sandri, M. And Savelainen, M. And Scott, D. She has been vaccinated.Here’s what Espresso’s friends at A Pawsitive Approach think of her:Apply to adopt Espresso today at Petfinder.She loves to play with her toys but she loves nothing more than being with her sister Hazelnut seeking adventures around the house. She needs to find her forever home and it is preferred she stay with her sister or a home with another cat so she has a companion.Mischief, Abyssinian mixMischief is a lovable male Abyssinian kitten being kept at A Pawsitive Approach.Mischief will get along great with your kids, dogs or cats. Mischief has been vaccinated.

It included published national surveys, local surveys commissioned by Primary Care organisations, studies from charities and academic centres, grey literature identified across the nine government regions, and information from care home, primary care and other research networks. Data extraction captured forms of NHS service provision for care homes in England in terms of frequency, location, focus and purpose.Results: Five surveys focused primarily on general practitioner services, and 10 on specialist services to care home. Working relationships between the NHS and care homes lack structure and purpose and have generally evolved locally.

Thirdly, Gandhi transformed the idea of waste and rendered it pregnant with meanings that were the inverse of those meanings invested in it by European regimes, which represented the lands that they conquered as ‘unproductive’ and ‘wasteful’, and requiring only the energy and intelligence of the white man to render them useful to humans. Gandhi, contrariwise, was inclined to the view that man was prone to transform whatever he touched, howsoever fertile, fecund, or productive, into waste. His close disciple and associate, Kaka Kalelkar, narrates that he was in the habit of breaking off an entire twig merely for four or five neem leaves he needed to rub on the fibers of the carding bow to make its strings pliant and supple.

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And Ducout, A. And Dunkley, J. And Dupac, X. Chatbotit eli chatissa toimivat robotit ovat mahdollistaneet palvelunlaatua vai ovatko ne vain turhana v Seuraavaksi aionkin vertailla erisivustojen k chat palveluita, kiinnitt huomiota palvelun laatuun jaKek Chat ei vaadi mit ennakkotietoja asiakkaalta, javastaus kysymykseen tuli eritt nopeasti. Ei mit ylim h vastaus kysymykseen. Asiakaspalvelija voisi kysy tarvitseeko apuajossain muussa tai toivottaa hyv p tms.

Healthy Nutrition in the Monsoon SeasonEveryone looks forward to the monsoon season to get relief from the scorching heat of the summers. Monsoons are known to bring along with it reduced immunity and digestive capability which makes us susceptible to diseases associated with this season. It is time for us to keep our body resistant..

But you do get good at shoveling, and slowly you build up your strength, and after a few months you can shovel as much as you need to, but there still a LOT of mud here, so it takes a year to get that shoveled out, and your house is still muddy and the windows are cracked (and frosted), and there still debris everywhere, and every time you walk around you stepping an a quarter inch of mud, but you CAN walk around, you can get anywhere you need to go, and the house is still a fucking mess, you a fucking mess, a disaster not fit for human habitation, but on the other hand you can no longer convince yourself that ever going to work It can get better. You can point at things that used to be super fucked up and now are only moderately fucked up. Progress is possible..

RNLI lifeguard supervisor Liam Fayle Parr said: “We are all extremely proud of Callum and Harrison for the way they handled the situation. Without their knowledge and quick actions the outcome could have been very different. We would also like to thank the paramedics who allowed our lifeguards to assist until they took over..

The Platform Is Losing Its Popularity This season it’s very apparent that popular “shoe designers” are making every attempt to get rid of the popular platform pump. One has to just check out “Christian Louboutin’s” Newest shoe collection to see “the writing is on the wall.” It so appears that lots of celebrities have already tossed out their platforms, and are now choosing to wear the more classic pump. I hope you will take time to take my poll.

“I think there’s a sense of understanding that sometimes doesn’t even take words,” she said. Senator and now secretary of state, experts say Clinton is well positioned to be the Democratic frontrunner if she seeks a White House bid in 2016. But presidential historian Douglas Brinkley said much of her decision will largely depend on her health..

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italian family firms take direct route in quest for better returns

This tool suggests funds you can invest in. If you want to invest for a short period of time, the tool recommends debt funds. These funds lower return with lower risk, and protect you against short term market volatility. But he strong as an ox. He a nightmare matchup. With his versatility, we can line him up anywhere.

L o la dynamique de Eve Ensler veille mon intrt, c’est au niveau de l’ide plus globale. Des Mots pour Agir Contre la Violence faite aux Femmes, en tant que livre, n’est qu’une maille du projet. Son envie serait de mettre, par ces textes, la question des violences sur le devant de la scne.

In addition to cost savings, PennDOT’s goal in the elimination of the sticker is customer convenience and modernization of our processes. Customers also appreciate having the option to renew for two years. Because PennDOT no longer issues registration stickers, our customers can print their registration card from their home printer when they renew online.

Mais: Saiba como potencializar os resultados do teu tratamento esttico! Atravs do uso de baixas temperaturas a gordura localizada congelada. Os nutricionistas no cansam de alertar para a credibilidade da gua no que toca a combater o peso excessivo. Com zero calorias, basta obter o vcio de trocar qualquer refrigerante ou sumo por gua pra comear a acompanhar os resultados.

Soldiers had given their lives to liberate. Sometimes, Schmetz said, there were over 200bodies a day, casualties of one of the bloodiest and most important battles in World War II: The Battle of the Bulge which started 75 years ago on Monday and effectively sealed the defeat of Nazi Germany. Now He Charged With Sexual BatteryA male runner who slapped a female reporter backside in the middle of her live broadcast was arrested Friday and charged with sexual battery, according to records from Georgia Chatham County Sheriff office.

This bear was a real sugar bear. Like a typical Vancouver Islander, he couldn resist a fresh pan of mint Nanaimo bars, to which I say: See this, Canada Post? Even a dumb bear knows what a real Nanaimo bar looks like. But the Campbell River Cobbler Gobbler didn stop there.

A color in every baton makes vaporizer more attractive than others. Silver surfer vaporizer was the first vaporizer to gives the ceramic heater and all glasses. Silver surfer vaporizer in various colorsSilver Surfer Vaporizers are not in a single color, it comes in five different colors.

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italian firms take direct route in quest for better returns

For one, it allows Hall to get comfortable with his new teammates and for his coach to find a spot in the lineup where he able to have success. That doesn always happen with rental players. But it also gives the Coyotes an extra couple of months to convince him to stay..

But I digress. Dinner was delicious. Claire brought over some gorgeous Mexican shrimp from Santa Monica Seafood, which simmered in coconut milk, a tablespoon each of minced garlic and fresh grated ginger, with a little salt and pepper for about 15 minutes..

Even more of a rarity when you consider she competed almost exclusively in stakes, five of them being Grade 1’s. There are those 1’s again. Ruffian finished ten races, winning them all, and was never headed at any call in any of them. For years, Nvidia has been making graphics cards for two gaming categories. The Santa Clara based company has built beefy graphics chips for the desktop that push out bleeding edge visuals on PC. But when it comes to laptops, Nvidia has made comparable chips with the same architecture, but the constraints of the platform has forced the company to tone down the power..

Alex Bozarjian was reporting live on the Enmarket Savannah Bridge Run in Savannah, Ga., on Dec. 7 when a runner in a blue shirt passed her and slapped her backside prompting Bozarjian to pause and look shocked at the encounter. “This is a day we all been working to and working for on the path to yes,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat from California said.

The oldest national football trophy in the world, the William Hill Scottish Cup competition was formed in 1873. Celtic have won the trophy a record 35 times. (Also known as the Scottish Football Association Challenge Cup)Motherwell FCMotherwell financial results reveal 436k loss after gate receipt plungeThe Steelmen have had a difficult time off the pitch although they have paid off their debt to former owners.Rangers FCAlfredo Morelos hasn’t changed and has let Rangers down again HotlineDavid McCarthy answered your calls and there was a lot of chat about the Rangers striker after his sending off.Motherwell FCLanarkshire team of the decade: Motherwell’s record European goalscorer and Hamilton Accies saviour battle it outWho should be on the right flank in our Lanarkshire Team of the Decade?Hamilton Academical FCLanarkshire centre midfielder of the decade: Hamilton Accies FA Cup winner and Albion Rovers derby hero among best midfield picksWhich centre midfield pairing will join our Lanarkshire Team of the Decade?East Kilbride FCEast Kilbride FC Team of the Decade: Who are the top two strikers?Who will you pick to complete the East Kilbride dream 11?East Kilbride FCEast Kilbride FC Team of the Decade: Who’s the main man in right midfield?Chris Humphrey, Gavin Millar, Paul Tierney and Sean Winter are all vying for your voteJames TavernierJames Tavernier blasts back at Chris Sutton as Rangers skipper brands Celtic legend ‘irrelevant’The Ibrox right back laughed off claims he’s a serial loser and insisted he doesn’t care what Sutton thought.Celtic FCNeil Lennon explains his unusual Rangers relaxation plans and reveals ‘brilliant’ Steven Gerrard recordThe Celtic boss is keen to ensure his players have a relaxing night ahead of the intensity they will face at Hampden.Scott BrownScott Brown explains emotional Celtic connection as he reveals Lewis Morgan factor that no other Parkhead player can matchThe Hoops captain is getting on in years and experience has taught him to savour every second.Neil LennonNeil Lennon insists Celtic Betfred Cup win would heal Brendan Rodgers exit woundsThe Hoops boss believes there’s more of an understanding among fans now and reckons it will be truly healed if Celtic lift the trophy on Sunday.Gary Mackay StevenGary Mackay Steven reveals Celtic star’s concussion after sickening clash of heads that left him stricken for two monthsThe gasp inducing incident came in the semi final of the Betfred Cup last year.East Kilbride NewsEast Kilbride FC Team of the Decade: Who gets your vote at right back?The search for Kilby’s dream 11 continues with Fabio Capuano, Kris Gebbie, Aaron Murdoch and Scott Stevenson in the runningEast Kilbride FCDavid Proctor joins East Kilbride for a third timeThe two time title winning defender is back at K Park for the remainder of the Lowland League seasonWilliam Hill Scottish CupRangers and Celtic Scottish Cup 4th round TV ties announced as four fixtures shown liveThe games will take place directly after the winter break.Motherwell FCLanarkshire right back of the decade: Albion Rovers, Motherwell and Clyde favourites in the runningVote for who you think should be in our Lanarkshire Team of the Decade.East Kilbride FCEast Kilbride Team of the Decade: Vote for your top left backIt’s time to look at your defence and let us know who will get your vote for Kilby dream 11Betfred League CupBT Sport’s Rangers vs Celtic Betfred Cup final coverage will run for an astonishing NINE hoursThe broadcaster will not shirk in their ambition to showcase the biggest derby in years.Airdrieonians FCLanarkshire Team Of The Decade: Scotland caps, league winners and cup heroes in the running for left backVote for who you think should be between the first member of the defence for our Lanarkshire Team of the Decade.Henrik LarssonThe Henrik Larsson Celtic admission that vindicated the biggest decision of Hugh Dallas’ careerThe retired whistler looks back on a fateful Hampden afternoon in 1999.Derek McInnesDerek McInnes on Dave Cormack’s key Aberdeen role in stopping Sunderland switch in its tracksThe incoming Dons chairman has big plans for the club and the manager likes what he has heard.William Hill Scottish Cup’I’ll be home in time for dinner’ Queen’s Park boss Mark Roberts delighted with Kilmarnock drawThe Spiders head to Ayrshire on January 18 but that is no issue for Roberts who can see Rugby Park from his window.East Kilbride FCEast Kilbride caretaker thrilled with cup draw but will he hang on to post to face BSC Glasgow?Jim Paterson relishing “winnable tie” with Lowland rivals after seeing off Formartine in the Scottish CupEast Kilbride FCEast Kilbride back to their best as Brady shows his nose for goal in cup winThe Kilby ace took a sore one after his strike set them on the way to a Scottish Cup victory over FormartineKenny ShielsKenny Shiels interested in Falkirk job as Kilmarnock icon sees Bairns as ‘Premiership club’The former Kilmarnock and Morton manager has been out of the Scottish game since 2014..