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I regained sense and bought the Rimmel pencil, but the problem is that I bought dark brown. Apparently dark brown doesn mean dark brown anymore because that shit had me looking all light in the eyebrows. As far as quality goes, it perfect. Make sure you know the model and the shop from where you are will buy. From the scope of utilizing its purposes not just as a recreational tool but also as an educational one towards building the measurement skills. However, as a beginner, it important to know the rules and regulations of using this gun.

My husband thinks I look far younger, even with the silver hair. If you don’t define and color your brows you can look “washed out” and older than you are. Even sickly.. Ha nem n meg,police glorian napszem szem n ban napszem akci mik a sz forg lehet a k az egyik legnagyobb. Csak hogy mentse 20 $. A f tenisz 2011 ben az Year napszem 2012,replika napszem m hogy elk is nagy eredm napszem budapesten, B.

In BTS lyrics, there a motif of the baepsae, a squat, fluffy bird native to Korea and known as the crow tit. A Korean expression says that if a crow tit tries to walk like a stork, it tear its own legs. It a cautionary tale a suggestion that you shouldn try too hard or be something that you not.

Meanwhile, India has to look closely at Chinese activities in its near abroad. Last week, the Myanmar ministry of rail transport said ground surveys are underway to prepare for the construction of a railway line linking Kyaukphyu in Myanmar’s Rakhine state to Kunming in China. It’s been a project in progress since 2011, but little has progressed.

Como vimos acima, pra acelerar o metabolismo preciso se exercitar e fazer transforma na dieta. A pimenta figura em todas as listas de alimentos termog visto que seu principal componente r a capsaicina um potente estimulante do metabolismo. Ent tem se debatido muito que a pimenta emagrece.

Because we wouldn’t endorse him or his pally pal relationship with Eva Moskowitz’s Success Academy charter schools. Has he considered the emotional and psychological effects of all the stress on Success students? No school has 100% of students passing the new state math and English language tests. The governor is nothing like his late father.

Ray Ban RB4154 sunglasses place an emphasis on fashion with a feminine flair. The Ray Ban propionate plastic sunglasses feature squared lenses that angle out at the frame length. These Ray Ban sunglasses offer great sun protection and will go effortlessly with your unique style.

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The Severing Stone did break a curse, but the curse was never the reason behind Star and Marco feelings. Breaking it simply allowed them to start realizing that their feelings had nothing to do with it (which implies placebo effect as the only actual impact of it in that regard). Aaron Hammersley thinks that Star liked Marco since the beginning, but feelings started growing after the Blood Moon ball.

The service here is terrible, they has me wait two and half week to advise me that my daughter’s frame was not covered by her insurance and I would have to pay $150.00 out of pocket. They also lost the frames I brought in which cost over $300.00(which my insurance doesn’t cover) and offered to reimburse me by offering a (free) pair that my insurance does cover, no apologies, no explanation. I would advise anyone thinking of coming here not to bother as they are careless and irresponsible and do not care about their customers.

The cancer sites with the highest risk of VTE during initial hospitalisation for cancer were pancreatic (4.9%), ovarian (4%) and liver (3.8%). The three cancer sites with the highest risk of first VTE event within 6 months from discharge, were pancreatic (3.7%), oesophagus (3%) and stomach (2.8%). For most cancers, the risk of VTE within 6 months from discharge was higher amongst patients who underwent chemotherapy compared to those who did not.

I loved Buffy, and still think it is one of the best TV shows out there. I just rewatched some of it, and it is still fresh and so funny, and Sarah did such an amazing job portraying Buffy. I also really liked Katniss from the Hunger Games. Odds ratios to compare the self reported prevalence of ever smoking and susceptibility to smoking in Year 8 students after the delivery of the booster session in study schools compared with students in local control schools. After adjusting for confounders there was no significant difference in the odds of a Year 8 student in an intervention school being an ever smoker or susceptible never smoker compared with controls [adjusted odds ratio (aOR) 1.28, 95% confidence interval (CI) 0.83 to 1.97; p = 0.263] and no significant difference in the odds of ever smoking (aOR 0.82, 95% CI 0.42 to 1.58; p = 0.549). Students mostly enjoyed the intervention and acquired new knowledge that appeared to strengthen their aversion to smoking.

Headlines: 50 Cent knocks Jay Z off top of the Forbes “Hip Hop Cash Kings” list. Laurence Fishburne joining “CSI” cast. Jennifer Lopez trains for triathlon. The book offers more than just a Lacanian interpretation of Mozart and Wagner, and makes fascinating reading both for opera lovers, whether knowledgeable about Lacan or not. It is nevertheless true to say that the book often assumes a level of familiarity with Lacan. There are places where no attempt has been made to explain Lacanian terminology; we find claims such as, “S1 has to unify with S2: signifier of the master has to unify with the signifier of knowledge” (82), and “where is the Lacanian real here?” In contrast, some fairly basic information is provided about operatic origins, for instance, which would not be necessary for a musicologist.

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Tickets are on sale for $7 for adults and $5 for students 12 to 17 years old. Children 12 and younger will be admitted free with an adult. You can save $2 by buying advance tickets from BASS ticket agencies, Select A Seat, Central Florida Sun Banks, Orlando Naval Training Center, Burger King Restaurants in Osceola County, and NCNB Banks in Polk and Osceola counties..

It is the time of year when music teachers see months worth of work play out in front of them in some sort of winter concert. On Thursday last week, I partook in my fifth year of winter concerts. Sitting next to me was a woman who was attending her 14th and nearly final elementary school winter concert..

My feeling is that what he refers to as the sound of ra might itself be subject to scrutiny, in the sense that it, too, is involved in the production of social meanings. O’Meally. New York: Columbia University Press, 1998. The whole long weekend ignited so much joy. I can’t wait to pick up this new hobby again next summer I have been working on putting together a bug out bag for emergencies, and this is what I came up with. I had a large Kelty bag in storage so I decided to put it to use(everything here I already had, I bought nothing).

Partnering with John B. Wright Insurance helps you to create a specialized marina insurance package. Whether you need to review your current insurance or you are looking for protection for a new marina business, we can help you with your insurance needs.

PST by the High Energy Transient Explorer (HETE 2), a small scientific satellite designed to detect and localize gamma ray bursts. An e mail alert went out 34 seconds after detection; 17 seconds later, KAIT began to slew across much of the sky toward the burst in the constellation Canis Major. Caught at the tail end of a 10 minute exposure of an unrelated dying supernova (exploding star), KAIT got 48 seconds of the burst afterglow (starting 108 seconds after the burst) superimposed on the longer supernova exposure, and then began taking short exposures as the glow faded.

In 2018. It certainly looks as though she is at best indifferent to this, possibly supportive in ways that that the global blindly overlooked but she possibly would not be able to take effective action against it anyway. She doesn know how to lead..

Having air conditioning in your home and especially in your car is supposed to be the best way to stay cool.14. If you’re worried about using up electricity by having all those fans around, you can try one of those hand fans you always see in the movies, or you could try palm fronds and ask (or pay) your significant other to fan you.15. When it’s boiling hot outside and you dare not venture into the pool, try having a shower or a cold bath instead.16.

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Mr. Li Yu, general manager of the Bekaert Asia, global supplier of more than Solutia, outside the (quantum film) itself is not affected, facing the Chinese price increases, to see who has the ability to do the operations, will be able to price stability to live. Who prices are not the focus, even if the prices, the key lies in the quality of products and services to keep up with, whether it be worthy of rising prices..

They arrived on the scene to find the young man firing his last shots and the old man patiently holding the ladder. It didn take long for the firemen to use their own ladders to find out what had happened on the other side of the wall. Both the old man and the assassin were arrested and taken off to jail.A Courtroom (several days later)The Judge (to the young assassin): Why did you kill all those people in the park?Young Man: God told me to kill them.

I seen comments that say something along the lines of post makes me wanna start smoking It upsetting. Im even guilty of it. I reblogged pictures promoting cigarettes and I not proud. Follow Morgan Live on Twitter Follow Morgan Live on InstagramI voted for Obama in 2008. I didn vote for him in 2012. The reason is that he is a TERRIBLE president.

Many mistakenly claim that AMD will have an inherit advantage in Vulkan due to Mantle, but they are failing to realize that Vulkan is internaly based on SPIR V from OpenCL. Vulkan have only got inspiration for some API syntax from Mantle, while the underlying implementation is completely different. Just because two APIs have similar syntax for a few functions doesn’t make them the same, any programmer would know this.

Women recruited between 2008 and 2013 at 3 University Hospitals in Switzerland (Bern), Scotland (Glasgow) and Austria (Graz). Spot urine was collected from healthy women undergoing a normal pregnancy (age, 16 45 years; mean, 31 years) attending routine antenatal clinics at gestation weeks 11, 20, and 28 and approximately 6 weeks postpartum. Urine steroid hormone levels were analysed using gas chromatography mass spectrometry.

First, create drainage by placing a 1/2 layer of stones on the bottom. Then sprinkle activated charcoal on top. This will filter the water in the terrarium and help keep it free of mold. He recommends buying from a reliable source, and checking for stickers or tags that guarantee to block UVA and UVB. Should be able to buy a decent pair of [relatively cheap] sunglasses at a reputable place, he said. That, Bizer says, probably means skipping the street vendors, who are often flogging wares that don comply with FDA standards.

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Care to hear more? Forget giving you an option, you should keep reading on (Facebook can wait). Hanging out in a coffeeshop with their MacBooks, onMemorial Glade with a pair of aviators and shoes off, on the steps of Wheeler hall reading or walking in exactly 10 minutesafter the hour to their Literature / Art History / Film classes. Hipsters.

The Forzieri Swarovski Crystal pumps are a great steal. These beautiful pumps are a luscious mix of brown satin with black patent leather trim and a black bow with a crystal adornment. Garner tons of attention in these fabulous heels! With a pencil skirt for work or with your favorite skinny jeans and a tee, these pumps will go with practically everything in your closet.

I feel very lucky to have found amazing companies to work with for supplies, and now manufacturing. Developing positive relationships with your suppliers is very, very important. I loyal to people and companies that are honest, forthright, and creative and I am thrilled with the team behind my designs..

We have another sensor which is a temperature sensor. It measures the temperature of the water. And then very importantly we have another sensor which is atmospheric pressure sensor . You knew that if you confirmed his statement, he call tom, and that was the last thing you wanted. Instead, you tried to focus on steadying your breathing, trying to keep yourself calm.that bad, harry announced, voice significantly more urgent as he scrolled through his phone. It, i calling tom.you should be at work, you said quickly, eyebrows narrowing.

The firm, which was founded in May 2000 by David Allen and Jocelyn Anders, supplies affordable and trend led fashion accessories.The company wants to strengthen its international presence and aims to be trading in 50 countries by the end of the year, totalling more than 15 different languages.The international sites are completely translated into the relevant language and have delivery and returns information specific to each country.They also transact in the currency of each country, while previously the UK site offered indicative currency conversion but the final transaction would still be completed in GBP.David Allen, managing director, said: “We are strengthening our international presence in response to our loyal global customers.”The business has also changed its delivery policy to ship to any country worldwide for free, further increasing the incentive for international customers to place sales and we can currently deliver to Australia faster than an Australian e tailer! We pride ourselves on customer service and aim to continue serving our loyal customer base both in the UK and overseas for years to come.”In 2013, Shade Station opened its own on site optical glazing lab and now offers single vision prescription lenses in more than 5,000 designer glasses across 100 brands on a next working day service.Shade Station stocks accessories from 125 leading fashion brands, including Tom Ford, Chanel, Dior, Dolce Gabbana, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors and Ray Ban and is often the first to market with new lines and to carry UK exclusives. It is also the UK’s largest Oakley dealer with a collection that exceeds 1,250 different styles.”The business has seen year on year growth every year in the last decade and for 2014, the continued aim is to grow the business. Awards 2019More than 350 guests turned out for Manchester Evening News Awards ceremony, which is now in its 27th year.

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F. (2015), Migration, Friendship Ties, and Cultural Assimilation. The Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 117: 619 “649, which has been published in final form at doi: 10.1111/sjoe.12096 article may be used for non commercial purposes in accordance with Wiley Terms and Conditions for Self Archiving.

And Mandolesi, N. And Mangilli, A. And Maris, M. Such was the universality of his message that in spite of some of its particularistic results, Muslims and non Muslims grieved over Iqbal’s death in 1938. Tagore warmly acknowledged a philosophical kinship with the Indian Muslim poet and declared that death creates a void in literature that like a mortal wound will take a long time to heal. Iqbal: Poet Patriot of India.

Senior Editor, Green, John Beltz Snyder: After getting out of a 911 GT3 recently, the 2018 Porsche Carrera T felt relatively tame. Compared to most other cars, though, it’s still quite a hoot. It’s a pretty pure distillation of an amazing driver’s car.

During nervous system development, neurons extend axons along well defined pathways. The current understanding of axon pathfinding is based mainly on chemical signaling. However, growing neurons interact not only chemically but also mechanically with their environment.

Is. She. The man growled out like a feral beast. It naive to assume that someone working at the airport would actually know whats going on. These are the lowest level employees. “Take the bottle and throw it away”. Then came the inevitable backlash. Popular tastes turned more to hip hop and teen pop, and seemingly overnight the melodic, catchy tunes of Hootie the Blowfish were no longer hip. They seemed corny.

This is far from a unique state of affairs. World needs more Canada, some of us love to boast. Just not if it costs money. Do the same thing with the dyes too. Add some red dye 40 to the sugar cubes on a different day after the first sugar gets out of there system. None of them would object to eating sugar cubes..

The idea of an avatar was distinct to Hinduism before a variation of it was introduced into Mahayana Buddhism, and it retains a pivotal role in Hindu theology and mythology. The idea of an avatar is predicated on the notion that from time to time, whenever evil or ignorance is on the increase, the Supreme Being must incarnate itself in some form, or descend to earth, so that the forces that stand for good might be reinforced. According to the Matsya Purana (47.32), the end of an Age rolls around and time has lost its strength, then Lord Vishnu is born among men.

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Recent conflicts everywhere from Ukraine to the Middle East and the South China Sea remind us (as Robert D. Kaplan wrote in TIME March 31 cover story) that geography still matters, even in a globalized age. Politically, the world is certainly not flat.

Instead, I do the complete opposite of what Marie Kondo intended byadding my lost and found collectioninto the mix of my everyday attire with a different style. Bydifferent, I don mean anything strikingly profound. I simply mean I tiea knot somewhere in said piece of clothing.

Half of all identified RCTs (29/58) included language proficiency as a participant screening criterion. Language proficiency was operationalized using nonstandardized measures (eg, having sufficient verbal fluency ), with only three studies providing reasons for excluding patients on language grounds.Conclusions: There was considerable variability across studies in the inclusion of ethnic minority patients in RCTs, with higher participation rates in countries with legislation to mandate their inclusion (eg, United States) than in those without such legislation (eg, United Kingdom). Less than 25% of the RCTs recruited a sizeable proportion of ethnic minorities, which raises concerns about external validity.

Is presented like some sort of cure all, says Suga. Say that if you go, your life will be set. They even say you lose weight, get taller you get a girlfriend you become better looking this isn the reality, and they realize that was all a lie. “We knew the mountain was dangerous,” said Mahaiuddin, who found his son remains after he didn come home one day. Biden pledge came as a response to a question from an audience member at the MSNBC Public Education Forum. Given that standardized testing is rooted in a history of racism and eugenics,” the audience member asked, “if you are elected president, will you commit to ending the use of standardized testing in public schools?30 House Democrats are pushing for Rep.

Neuropathic pain can arise from lesions to peripheral or central nerve fibres leading to spontaneous action potential generation and a lowering of the nociceptive threshold. Clinically, neuropathic pain can manifest in many chronic disease states such as cancer, diabetes or multiple sclerosis (MS). The bioactive lipid, lysophosphatidic acid (LPA), via activation of its receptors (LPARs), is thought to play a central role in both triggering and maintaining neuropathic pain.

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It simply stunning and is so finely crafted. And unlike most of the headache inducing headbands i own, it just loose enough to be comfortable for all day wearing, just tight enough to never shift once in place. It completely set the tone for a more sweet, ethereal outfit pairing! xoxo..

They then went through the house, picking up a 37 inch flat screen TV, a 19 inch plasma screen TV and a range of personal property including laptops and credit cards before leaving. The haul is worth more than 1,000 in total, police said. And the burglars stole the keys to a blue Volkswagen Polo, worth an estimated 3,000.

To identify bacteria capable of inactivating the QS signal molecule 2 heptyl 3 hydroxy 4(1H) quinolone (PQS), a minimal medium containing PQS as the sole carbon source was used to enrich a Malaysian rainforest soil sample. This yielded an Achromobacter xylosoxidans strain (Q19) that inactivated PQS, yielding a new fluorescent compound (I PQS) confirmed as PQS derived using deuterated PQS. The I PQS structure was elucidated using mass spectrometry and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy as 2 heptyl 2 hydroxy 1,2 dihydroquinoline 3,4 dione (HHQD).

Para ajudar a escorregar melhor, voc usa uma meia apropriada. Os movimentos feitos no slide board usam a fora e peso do prprio corpo como carga, ento considerado um treino funcional.19 leo um tipo de adiposidade saudvel, porm este possui varias calorias. Se objetivo for perder peso, encher a comida de azeite no vai ajudar.

These days, among the important accessories, it has become a style symbol for youth. One can find a large number of brands, styles and designs in sunglasses which are intended particularly to match up the fashionable lifestyle of today generation. Among so many varieties of sunglasses, They are the most preferred ones.

According to the official parliamentary website, India’s Parliament is full of people who profess to all sorts of professions, except that of politics. For example, Prime Minister Narendra Modi sees and describes himself not as a person who practices politics a politician but a ‘social worker’, presumably like Swami Agnivesh or Anna Hazare. Rajnath Singh calls himself a ‘teacher’, but leaves unspecified the subject he teaches, which presumably is not political science..

Once you understand that is Republicans’ sole philosophy, everything else clicks into place. It explains how Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R. Ky.) could refuse to grant Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland a hearing because 2016 was an election year while readily admitting that if there is a Supreme Court vacancy in 2020, “Oh we’d fill it.” It explains how Republicans could excoriate “King Obama” for ruling by executive order and yet vote to uphold Trump’s decision to declare a “state of emergency” so he could spend money on a border wall that Congress didn’t appropriate.

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Existem toneladas de aplicativos que fazem curadoria de not todavia o do Yahoo talvez o mais jeitoso deles. E ele s manda as not mais relevantes, ao inv mandar milhares de uma vez. E se o in b do marketing que uma marca deve estar onde seus consumidores est um dos seus lugares t de ser nas redes sociais! Contudo, quem quer usar essas ferramentas poderosas como t para instigar o seu neg n poder localizar que liderar um perfil corporativo o mesmo que administrar tuas pr m sociais.

Is your father serious about protecting the environment but wants to look good while doing it? Then this Leather Lunch Bag will do the trick. Since your eco friendly dad wouldn want to hurt trees or fill the world with paper waste, this leather, reusable lunch bag helps him protect the planet and look stylish. Lined with thick, durable waxed canvas, it really keeps cold stuff cool.

And it’s Greg Vanney. And he’s done a tremendous job. So, you know, a lot of hype around here locally about me. 232 Kenned St. Interment in Brookside Cemetery. HRYHOR: On January S. Improving Our Facilities Over the summer and into the fall, we are working to bring several of our facilities closer to Big Ten standards. This includes upgraded locker rooms, weight rooms, and offices, as well as additional restrooms at High Point Solutions Stadium. Many of you helped make this possible through your generous contributions and unrestricted program support..

So, I guess the real answer is to bone up on what others are saying about their own experiences with any brand. My Wife sold a very high priced line of women’s clothing for years, she always said that the quality was sometimes not up to the price point, but customers would pay regardless, based upon the label. I wear what looks good on me, and that’s about all us guys need to be concerned about..

They lift the sanctions that they re imposed illegally then that a different situation, said Zarif. We would consider (talks). Sanctions have crippled Iran economy, causing the currency to plummet and prices to soar. Nit picking aside, Central Avenue Sounds documents several significant local developments in music, following young Cotton Club Orchestra drummer Lionel Hampton through his discovery of the vibraphone at one of Louis Armstrong west coast recording sessions and then on to the glories of Home. It also charts the rise of the King Cole Trio from Hampton early patronage when it was only a local sensation to its work as a major performing and recording act in its own right. Central Avenue Sounds also contains important early works by Howard McGhee, Teddy Edwards, and Roy Porter, key West Coast bop musicians, whose already highly developed sense of bop music took further flight from their association with Charlie Parker during his chaotic California stay.

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Eyeglasses just emphasize the physical disability. By using a mix of shapes and a combination of convex and concave material, she doesn remove distortion from her glasses adds more. Canfi is essentially taking the unavoidable warp from a strong lens and amplifying it across one entire face, celebrating the look as a beautiful, prismatic design feature, rather than attempting to hide the phenomenon or simply pretend it doesn exist.

A detailed optimization study was presented leading to the selection of the optimized geometries. In addition, two different types of hydrides, LaNi5 and an AB2 type intermetallic were studied as possible candidate materials for using as the first stage alloys in a two stage metal hydride hydrogen compression system. As extracted from the above results, it is clear that the case of using a vessel equipped with 16 longitudinal finned tubes is the most efficient way to enhance the hydrogenation kinetics when using both LaNi5 and the AB2 alloy as the hydride agents.

Schmetzer: I think the narrative was there already within the players as far as LA FC vs. Sounders. The narrative about myself and my coaching, you know, we can push that aside a little bit because I got a lot of help. My team has evaluated that Ray Ban RX6177 Eyeglasses 2511 Brown 52mm are superior good quality product. Truly it is a superior solution while using the most effective attribute. However if you nevertheless doubted about Ray Ban RX6177 Eyeglasses 2511 Brown 52mm , you may establish it by clicking the full critique button below.

A physics based, lumped thermal capacity model of a 1litre, 3 cylinder, turbocharged, directly injected spark ignition engine has been developed to investigate the effects of cylinder deactivation on the thermal behaviour and fuel economy of small capacity, 3 cylinder engines. When one is deactivated, the output of the two firing cylinders is increased by 50%. The largest temperature differences resulting from this are between exhaust ports and between the upper parts of liners of the deactivated cylinder and the adjacent firing cylinder.

Download Festival reveal Lemmy Stage and plans to honour Motorhead legend with special tributeThe Donington Park event will remember the hard rock icon by renaming their main stage this year(Image: Mirrorpix)Sign up to FREE daily email alerts from mirror celebsSubscribe We will use your email address only for sending you newsletters. Please see ourPrivacy Noticefor details of your data protection rightsThank you for subscribingWe have more newslettersShow meSee our privacy noticeCould not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailDownload Festival has revealed a series of tributes for the late Lemmy Kilmister set for this year event.The Donington Park showcase which features performances from some of the biggest names in rock music has renamed its Main Stage for one year only to honour the Motorhead legend following his sad death from cancer in December last year .In a statement on the official website, it was confirmed: “Whilst we saddened to say Motorhead will no longer be performing at this year Download Festival, we will honour a true rock roll icon who inspired so many others on the bill, Lemmy Kilmister.”For one year only, Download Festival Main Stage will be named Lemmy Stage in tribute to a much loved and missed legend.”Read more:Stars gather for Lemmy Kilmister funeral as he embarks on tour to gig in the sky That not all there are on going discussions between management for both the Ace of Spaces rockers at the festival as they plan the best way to remember the late star.The statement continues: “We are working with Motorhead management on a tribute to the great man during the slot he would have performed on, more information to follow.”allMost ReadMost RecentEastEndersNicky Henson dead: Fawlty Towers and EastEnders actor dies aged 74Tributes have been paid to the actor, who was best known for his role as Mr Johnson in Fawlty Towers episode The Psychiatrist.PewDiePiePewDiePie quits YouTube saying he’s too tired to go onYouTube’s biggest star PewDiePie real name Felix Kjellberg is taking a break from the platform that launched him to fameHolly WilloughbyHolly Willoughby says she will leave This Morning if Phillip Schofield quitsHolly, 38, continues to brush off feud rumours surrounding the two co hostsParis JacksonParis Jackson turns heads again with her latest racy lingerie snapsMichael Jackson’s daughter teased her 3.5million Instagram followers with pics as she backed family business AGL Shoes using the hashtag womenempowermentCelebrity NewsDan Osborne issues grovelling public apology to Jacqueline Jossa over his ‘mistakes’Dan Osborne took to Instagram to apologise to his wife Jacqueline Jossa and their children after rumours that he cheatedPewDiePiePewDiePie now quits Twitter after announcing he’s taking a break from YouTubePewDiePie has wiped his Twitter account of all its tweets after announcing he’d be taking a break from YouTubeDan OsborneNatalie Nunn says ‘be careful of liars’ after Dan Osborne apologises amid threesome claimsDan Osborne was said to have had a threesome with Natalie Nunn and glamour model Chloe Ayling, claims which he firmly deniesCoronation StreetCoronation Street confirms Michelle Connor murder twist after Vicky showdown?Coronation Street aired tense scenes as Robert Preston accused ex Michelle Connor of murdering his baby mama Vicky JefferiesEmmerdaleWho is Pierce on Emmerdale? When did he rape Rhona and is he returning?Emmerdale’s Rhona Goskirk was told her rapist ex husband Pierce Harris could be released from prisonEmmerdaleEmmerdale dedicates episode to late Annie Sugden actress Sheila Mercier in tributeEmmerdale favourite Sheila Mercier, who played Annie Sugden, passed away last week with her death confirmed on FridayMost ReadMost RecentEastEndersNicky Henson dead: Fawlty Towers and EastEnders actor dies aged 74Tributes have been paid to the actor, who was best known for his role as Mr Johnson in Fawlty Towers episode The Psychiatrist.WeatherUK weather forecast: Snow up to four inches deep as Met Office warns of ice blastThe Met Office has ice warnings in force across the UK today after a night of downpours. Brits awoke to 5C temperatures this morning, with cold weather expected for the rest of the day.