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mark cuban on the economy and transparency

And there it was cock out and he was stroking it. My pussy turned to mush. Like my belt, don you, sweetheart?” Sir.” about you get it nice and wet for me?” get wet watching me play, right?” yes, Sir, I love it!” then, watch me. Disulfide bonds play a key role in stabilizing protein structures, with disruption strongly associated with loss of protein function and activity. Previous data have suggested that disulfides show only modest reactivity with oxidants. In the current study, we report kinetic data indicating that selected disulfides react extremely rapidly, with a variation of 104 in rate constants.

Time and time again, the campus has chosen to go out of its way to seemingly protect conservative provocateurs. Each time, student life halts in order to allow an off campus entity to spew hatred that deeply impacts and incites violence toward our campus community. Our classes are canceled, student events are postponed, buildings are closed down and highly militarized police, often from departments across the state, are deployed not only on campus but all around the city just to accommodate, what for many, constitutes hate speech..

These bottles are safer because the technology they use creates a glasslike surface without the weight of a glass bottle or risk of breaking like glass does. Sounds like a win win, right! I had the bottles for a couple weeks and am happy to say that Roscoe is drinking from them great and will still nurse without a problem. And this might sound weird but I swear he spits up less after using this bottle compared to others we tried.

I didn add this but your lines inside the shape should be a white line or a semi darker color of whatever is the darkest color you have in your crystal. I am study more about we humans and human things, and was wondering could you fellow humans provide with information in an assitive method. If you ever written a fic on it, I love to read it!.

Bob McDaniel caught five fish weighing 11 pounds, 7 ounces to win the Everglades Bass Anglers monthly tournament Saturday on Lake Okeechobee out of Okee Tantie. Jay Ziegler was second at 10 3, followed by Tony Davis at 9 9, Kelly Taylor at 7 10 and Sam Wild at 3 4. Taylor had the biggest bass at 3 4.

Oh, so did I mention that I have the best friends ever and Chloe {you may know her as TopKnots and PolkaDots} took these pics for me after our adorable little birthday lunch with girlfriends?! We might have had a littletoomuch fun and made fools of ourselves on The Battery, but I think she did a pretty darn good job. Plus, when your bestie is shooting you, you get all sorts of ridiculous outtakes like these gems below! Cue: Whip My Hair Back ForthNotice anything new or different insert hair flip That right, I chopped off all my long locks!! This is literally the shortest my hair has ever been in my life, well minus that time when I was 2 and the hair was just growing on my head, and I could not be happier!! My long hair was just getting to be such a bother and a bore. I feel like this sassy new do is so much more ME and significant of where I am in my life at the moment.

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mark gorski is a big wheel in this sport

I would hate to vote by sex, race, religion, or anything else. Unfortunately, without pushing for me to vote for her just because she is a woman Hilary has little to offer and a lot of baggage dragging her down.If I had to vote tomorrow and it was down to the two of them I’d have to vote for Trump because I cannot imagine a country with Hillary at the helm. I shudder to imagine a country with Trump at the helm but given a choice I see him as the lesser of the two evils but, unfortunately, the goofier of the two buffoons.Misfit Chickposted 3 years agoin reply to thisWow.

Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system. In terms of mass, Jupiter towers over the other planets. If you were to gather all the other planets together into a single mass, Jupiter would still be 2.5 times more massive. Be a courteous guest!All of your bills (electric, rent, water, etc) will be combined into one expense. You won need to worry about creating accounts with different companies or multiple different due dates. You will need to visit a post office or postal service drop box whenever you want to send mail.

Not trying to be trendy, we just doing what we always done. We have people who come into our shop who don need prescription lenses but really want to wear Moscot specs anyway. So you can see how our frames have become so much more than a medical device.

Fancy colors like Rose aviators oakley, Pink aviators oakley, or Blue aviator oakley look nice and perhaps you like them as fashion sunglasses rather than for practical usages. They distort colors so it is not advisable to use these glasses while you behind the wheels. Failure to see the red light due to your colored lenses is hardly a feasible excuse.

If you in the Toronto area stop in at 202 Queen Street West HEXO is there until October 1st. Let Break the stigma on cannabis. The ads ask cheeky questions ( Tweed a code name? and reference the Tweed website, which provides answers to the questions, information about products for sale, a list of winners of various contests run by the company and a rundown of the rules governing recreational marijuana in each province..

The Hindus, are with you. If Muslims are in trouble, Hindus will protect them. We don divide people. I’ve been called a bitch, but that’s only because I am a woman. I don’t think I’m a bitch. A jerk sure. But I can even think of wearing contacts. Just the thought makes me shiver. I need glasses to read and it’s just fine.

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marilyn monroe ‘seven year itch’ dress to go on show at v

A year after he assumed power in 1658, Aurangzeb appointed muhtasaibs, or censors of public morals, from the ranks of the ulema or clergy in every large city. He was keen that the sharia or Islamic law be followed everywhere, and that practices abhorrent to Islam, such as the consumption of alcohol and gambling, be disallowed in public. But he was at the outset faced with one problem, namely that the treatment he had meted out to his own father, subjecting him to imprisonment, was scarcely consistent with the image he sought to present of himself as a true believer of the faith.

If you’re unsure of what to buy, keep it simple. It’s hard to go wrong with a classic Pandora charm bracelet or a simple sterling silver cuff bracelet. Expansable wire bracelets are quite popualr at the moment and there’s no worries about getting the right size to fit.

Thus Gandhi himself labored to devise ways which would enable women to spend less time in the kitchen and his own diet consisted of largely uncooked food. By admitting women into his ashram, he offered them the choice of something other than marriage, and among his close political associates and confidantes were a number of women. A much larger number of prominent Indian women, such as Kamala Chattopadhyay, Sarojini Naidu, Usha Mehta, Sushila Nayar, and Aruna Asaf Ali, have testified to the part played by Gandhi in drawing women away from their homes, and in bringing them into the midst of the independence struggle.

This report explores the use of compacted zeolite pellets as templates for the preparation of pelletized zeolite templated carbons (ZTCs). The effects of zeolite compaction before use as hard templates were investigated through the compression of powder forms of zeolites at 370 MPa or 740 MPa prior to their use as templates. The resulting carbon samples were compared to compacted conventionally templated (with powdered zeolites) ZTC.

Bob Stewart: Well, here we are, we’re in Srebrenica. We’re in a beautiful valley. It’s opposite the place where the Dutch United Nations troops were based here in 1995. Belarus gets $500 million loan from ChinaBelarus has reached an agreement with China to receive a $500 million loan, officials in the ex Soviet country said Monday. Belarus Ministry said the loan will be provided by the Shanghai office of the China Development Bank. The Chinese credit offers much needed cash to Belarus amid a Tonight.

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marilyn monroe hollywood sex goddess

Though it helps many people, this medication may sometimes cause addiction. This risk may be higher if you have a substance use disorder (such as overuse of or addiction to drugs/alcohol). Do not increase your dose, take it more often, or use it for a longer time than prescribed.

Under Pennsylvania law, the person or entity “at fault” for an accident will be on the hook for paying damages to those injured only if that person or entity’s actions were wrongful. Now, most of the time, people don’t try to cause a car accident. (Obviously, if they do, they’ll be held liable.) Instead, legal liability for a car accident usually boils down to whether the person or entity at fault acted “negligent” in causing a motor vehicle accident..

Born in Glenageary, County Dublin, Ireland in 1851, Grierson received secondary education in England at St. Bees School and then at Shrewsbury School and subsequently went on to Trinity College, Dublin, to study mathematics as an undergraduate. Grierson took the open examination for qualification to the Indian Civil Service in 1871, which had been implemented by the Charter Act of 1853 to widen the recruitment of candidates on the basis of competitive examinations.

This cool Kiwi brand’s range features 24 styles (from NZ$560, about293) anau courantmix of 1950s and 1970s inspired shapes and silhouettesin a variety of colourways. The aesthetic is unisex and sophisticated, and the inherent variation in the material makes every pair of glasses unique. They look and feel special.

Continues: is a racist thing. Is he disappointed in Pres. Obama?. For those involved an operation like this, time must go past in a confused and noisy instant, and they aren’t taking notes. Confusion is very understandable. But you start to wonder how much the facts are being massaged now, to gloss over the less appealing parts of the operation..

It’s a big night for everyone’s favorite painted lady. Not only is Dolly being honored as the MusiCares Person of the Year, an award presented by The Recording Academy’s charity arm that commends musicians for their artistic achievement in the music industry and dedication to philanthropy, but she’s also going to be making her return to the Grammy stage for the first time since 2001 to perform new music from her hit album Dumplin’ (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack). Her special tribute segment will also see Little Big Town, Maren Morris, Kacey Musgraves and Katy Perry perform renditions of her classic hits..

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He has been active on behalf of the rights of the urban poor, slum dwellers, refugees, and political dissenters; he works, in many respects, from the margins of Indian society, but he also has a discerning eye for the gravity of politics. Though his 1990 film, Ram Ke Naam, or the Name of Ram an exploration of the controversy over the Babri Masjid before the mosque was torn down by militant Hindus in December 1992, might be said to have earned him very wide recognition, Patwardhan had earned a considerable reputation for himself with films such as of Conscience (1978, 45 mins.). Here Patwardhan offered a withering critique of the internal emergency imposed by Indira Gandhi from 1975 77, which led to the incarceration without trial of 100,000 people; however, as the film plainly makes clear, these were not the only of conscience in India.

Inflammation of the liver and obstructions in the bile duct may be one of the factors leading to jaundice. It is commonly contracted from unclean water, food, and improper sanitation. It may be caused due to several other reasons such as autoimmune disorders, drugs, hepatitis, parasites, and pancreatitis among several others..

Some six decades ago, Indians entered into a tryst with destiny. Now is the time to gamble everything on the unique experiment that constitutes Indian democracy. Cohn and Indian History in the American Academy: A Brief Note. Honestly imagine being mary shelley. Its the fucking early 1800s. We barely out of the era when people thought women reading novels would lead to like debauchery and premarital sex.

Today, the online site is very popular to select the pretty dresses. Hence, you can rely on these dresses and get the best dress online. The payment mode is a big question among the buyers. So today I will start my mom and dad’s weekly card. I don’t know pretty much what to write about each week. There isn’t much happening around here.

Requested from law enforcement any and all information about the incident, including the video from inside the elevator. That video was not made available to us. And no one in our office has seen it until today, the NFL said in a statement of the latest video.

One more sign of the times, according to Borrelli, is the appearance of more exaggerated makeup and elaborate. Also from Lauren is the use of shawls and ponchos in various forms, dramatically fringed, tied around the waist and embroidered with flowers. Low rise, boot cut trousers and small, fitted jackets complete the playful look..

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None of this seemed to bother Conant, who welcomed a high Nazi official and Harvard graduate, Ernst (Putzi) Hanfstaengl, to a commencement in 1934 and who dispatched representatives to two German universities, Heidelberg and Goettingen, during their bicentennial celebrations. In a public ceremony on campus, Harvard Law School dean, Roscoe Pound, personally accepted an honorary degree from Germany ambassador to the United States, Hans Luther. And following a trip to Germany, Pound voiced admiration for Hitler and claimed that German Jews were not being persecuted..

The instruments used for data collection were the four point level likert scale questionnaire, which was structured. 300 questionnaire copies were administered out of which (297) were retrieved.Statistical Analysis Used: The data collected were analyzed using one way analysis of variance and two sample t test at 0.05 level of confidence to answer the hypothesis. Significant difference exist in the demographic variables of age group, sex, professional category, years of working experience and secondary health care institutions) in the utilization of VIA among health workers in secondary health care institutions of Kaduna state (P.

It mandatory for your first three semesters (I think) but it also their job to help you figure out the class you need to take and how to plan your academic career. It not their job to help you deal with your personal live. BG has organizations for everything from cultural/religious organizations to LARPers/Quidditch players to groups for your major to Greek life.

“It’s like any locker room,” he said, “but they’re better because they’ve got time to perfect it. They call what they do ‘gags,’ and when they’re not doing one on set they’re trying them on each other. The film clip of their pranks would be as good as the clips of their stunts.”.

Born and raised in Pentwater, Mich., Lites received a bachelor of arts degree with highest honors from the University of Michigan in 1975 and graduated cum laude from Wayne State (MI) University Law School in 1978. He specialized in litigation and labor contract negotiations when he practiced law. Jim and his wife, Kim, reside in Frisco.

From there we sailed down the East Coast of Australia, passing the amazing Great Barrier Reef and eventually sailing up the Brisbane River to tie up alongside in Brisbane. Enjoyed every second of the week or so we were there. Loved Brisbane, even though the pubs closed at 10pm in those days..

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marines are calling in reinforcements to occupy wall street

Background: Dietary restriction during infancy may influence later eating behaviour. The aim of this study was to determine if consuming a cows’ milk exclusion (CME) diet during infancy affects eating habits in later childhood, once cows’ milk has been reintroduced into the diet. Methods: Children were recruited from two large birth cohort studies in the UK.

Outra recomenda aproveite o tampo de c aparadores e outros m e distribua os cliques a respeito de eles, pr a livros empilhados, abajures e materiais. 3. Fotos coloridas e em preto e branco ficam bem juntas? N h o menor defeito em fazer a jun Pelo inverso, ela resulta num arranjo muito curioso, pontualmente pela diversidade de tons, que s capazes de acrescentar bem como a s Vale mistur a algumas obras de arte? “A uni tem perfeitamente.

Liske, J. And Alpaslan, M. And Andrae, E. Dear Guest,Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us. We are thrilled to learn our food and beverage service and staff contributed to a memorable trip to Costa Mujeres. Your Butler Robin will be happy to receive such kind words of appreciation, we will be sure to share your compliments with him.

What’s fascinating about Bugaboo’s refined customization procedure is that it enables shoppers to pick an item that is not just customized as far as feel. Notwithstanding plan components, for example, covering shading and frame completes, they need clients to pick the kid buggy that alters best to their way of life. This is buyer driven customization taking care of business.

And Herranz, D. And Hivon, E. And Hobson, M. The safety of our employees and customers is always our highest priority. Our thoughts and prayers are with the two ComEd employees who received no significant injuries following an electric contact while working on equipment on S. LaSalle St.

As civil aviation increased in popularity, the skies became more crowded, leading to higher danger of mid air collisions. ATC tower opened in Chicago in 1930, regulating the ground operations and airspace around the airport. However, open skies were still a hazard, prompting the Bureau of Air Commerce (the Aeronautics Branch successor) to establish the first three ATC centers to monitor airways.

Gemma Hunter, 37, and fiance Matthew Hewitt, 38, are among hundreds of couples whose big day have been put in jeopardy by a photo of newlyweds Matthew and Carly Lunn appearing to show them in a sex act at a sacred Greek monastery.Lindos, Rhodes sparked discussions over a ban on all foreign marriages on the island after it went viral online. They later claimed it was a joke.And now Gemma fears her 20,000 special day at the same chapel booked for August 2018 may have been scuppered by the Lunns’ actions.She and her fiance are now nervously waiting for more information from their wedding planner.She said: “I have not even told them to be honest that all this is going on and I cannot even show them the picture about why we might not be able to have the wedding there because it is obscene.”Giorgos Eleftheriou, president of Lindos community in Rhodes, told The Times: “I have hundreds of soon to be brides from Britain and all over the world calling me today in tears because of this decision. It’s a huge damper on our society here.”We are one of the most famous wedding destinations in the world and we are booked solid through to 2021.”PA Media: EntertainmentStrictly champion Kelvin Fletcher in ‘complete disbelief’ over his winFormer Emmerdale star Kelvin Fletcher spoke with BBC Breakfast the morning after lifting the Glitterball Trophy on Saturday night.

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marines’ controversial path to integrating combat women

N nIf you don like the way I run my blog, then LEAVE. If you don like the way I format my posts, then LEAVE. If you don like the language I use, then LEAVE. The Oleh D. Wengerchuk Memorial Foundation, Inc. Organization, created under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, dedicated to the support and advancement of education for orphaned, underprivileged or handicapped children of the Ukraine.

Rule 1: Abstain from Perfume/CologneI know you love the cologne you purchased. Combined with your very unique pheromones and body chemistry, it smells amazing on you. However, would you like to be trapped in a crowded car, suffocating beneath a cloud of someone else’s perfume? I’ve been there, and trust me, you don’t want to be.

I think what he said is what he meant. That is what I believe and that is what I know. Their 27 21 overtime loss to Green Bay on Sunday, the Browns, who blew a 14 point lead in the second half, became the first team in league history to go 0 13 in consecutive seasons..

In this paper empirical work is undertaken to inform the CES evidence base informing management priorities of the Northern Devon Nature Improvement Area (NDNIA) in south west England. Findings from a questionnaire survey, qualitative mapping, group discussion and a participatory arts based research process are presented to document the many and diverse ways this study area matters to local communities. The paper analyses the qualities that research participants attribute to the environmental space of the NDNIA, the cultural practices conducted and enabled within it, and their associated benefits.

“Chelation hasn’t been approved, and it hasn’t been proven,” said Dr. Sammy Chan, a heart specialist at St. Paul’s and Vancouver General hospitals. The prices and service provided by Patrick and his staff is as good as it is possible to get and an absolute pleasure to do business with them. I was able to purchase titanium frames to last a life time at a price Perth optometrists could not hope to match. I also had lenses replaced in a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses at a fraction of the cost I would have expected to pay.

Maier wasn’t strong sufficient to return to her residence so that they moved her. Do not have enough drawer house for. Cold Shoulder Blouse you be enough cautious whereas using this iron is way more. December 16, 2019 09:02 PM IST NPPA pulls up drug cos for selling anti diabetes pills without seeking approval for pricing exemption The Drug price control order (DPCO), 2013 provisions doesn’t apply to drugs for up to five years developed through indigenous research and development, which means they are exempted from any price regulation.December 16, 2019 06:54 PM IST Samsung eyes top spot in room air conditioner segment by 2022 Samsung will re enter segments like window air conditioners to offer a better product variety to customers.December 16, 2019 06:45 PM IST Reporter’s Take Here’s why car companies and dealers are offering massive discounts Shraddha Sharma talks to Swaraj Baggonkar to find out why car manufacturers and dealers are eager to sell existing inventories.December 16, 2019 06:29 PM IST MC Special podcast Startups and 2019: Overall a good year, but expect major changes in 2020 Moneycontrol’s Jerome Anthony gets in conversation with Sunny Sen, National Corporate Editor, Startups, Tech and New Economy at Network18, to find out the top developments in the sector in 2019.December 16, 2019 03:40 PM IST Reliance Industries tops Fortune India 500 list ending IOC’s 10 year reign With a revenue of Rs 5.81 lakh crore in 2018 19, the Mukesh Ambani led conglomerate also became the first privately held and the only other company to become India’s largest corporation apart from IOC for the first time in 10 years, Fortune India said.December 16, 2019 03:25 PM IST Vedanta plans to invest Rs 60,000cr in next 3 years The company is also eyeing a top line of USD 30 40 billion and a bottom line of USD 10 million in 4 5 years, Agarwal said at the India Economic Conclave 2019.December 16, 2019 03:20 PM IST PMC Bank scam: ED files chargesheet against HDIL promoters The agency submitted its charge sheet, running into around 7,000 pages, before a special court set up under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA).December 16, 2019 03:13 PM IST Indoco Remedies’ Goa plant gets approval from UK health regulator This is an outcome of the last successful inspection conducted by UK Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) from September 16 20 this year, the company said in a regulatory filing.December 16, 2019 02:55 PM IST Sanjiv Kapoor resigns from Vistara; Vinod Kannan takes over as Chief Commercial Officer December 31, will be his last day at the airlineDecember 16, 2019 02:47 PM IST Govt has no business to be in business: Anil Agarwal “Government has no business to be in the business,” Agarwal said during a fire chat at the india economic conclave 2019.December 16, 2019 02:21 PM IST Tewoo Group’s debt default indicates rising credit risks in ChinaDecember 16, 2019 01:15 PM IST Honda Cars India partners TranzLease for auto finance solution Under the partnership, the company said it has introduced ‘Smart EMI’ for its customers which will take care of finance, registration, insurance and maintenance requirement of vehicles during financing period. And its institutional partners, for an investment of Rs. 25,215 crore in the units to be issued by the Tower Infrastructure Trust,” it said in a stock exchange filing.December 16, 2019 10:45 AM IST Glenmark’s Baddi manufacturing unit receives GMP certificate from European regulator “The European regulator has just issued a certificate of compliance for the facility stating that it complies with the principles and guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) laid down in the directive 2003/94/EC which stipulates the requirements to fulfil GMP recommendations of WHO,” Glenmark Pharmaceuticals said in a regulatory filing..

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marcas americanas para trump boicotar

Thailand’s kids are some of the best behaved and likable kids in the world. Unfortunately, the number of murders committed by teenagers is frighteningly high more than 1,400 in the last recorded year. Again, guns were the favorite weapon. Have to wonder if this is the sort of reception that the thousands of visitors to Lexington and Lee Chapel can expect to receive in the future. The majority of these visitors are Civil War history enthusiasts and many can be expected to wearing items with flags or other images related to the Confederacy. We were even told that individuals bearing the likeness of Robert E.

And it couldn be coming at a worst time. Global economic growth is now softening, and after nearly a decade of uninterrupted economic expansion following the Great Recession, the global economy looks set to head into a downturn. By itself, that nothing to be particularly alarmed about economics tend to move in 7 8 year boom and bust cycles, rising and falling in relatively well predicted patterns.

Au d la ZL1 presque un rot d Vous pouvez entendre l des engrenages et le diff arri pleurnicher. M chose pour les cailloux et le sable propuls dans les passages de roue par les gros pneus gomme molle. Si un cahot de la route vous pousse donner un coup sur l’acc la Camaro ZL1 bondit alors vers l comme si elle avait emboutie par un rhinoc.

Also examined are the roles various family members play in reinforcing your depression. This includes voicing your concerns with your therapist, and doing any daily or weekly assignments between therapy sessions. Therapy is an active collaboration between therapist and client..

Most of the ideas will explain the technical indications behind the same. Most of them may also contain stop losses as well as describe the conditions in which the trade should or should not be taken.Nifty, bank Nifty and CNX IT strategies for the swing traderThe Newsletter will also include Nifty Options and Bank Nifty Options strategies for short term, as well as for Income building.It will also share ideas in Gold, Silver Currencies as and when attractive opportunities emerge.We require your state of residence for proper accounting and accurate tax computation as per the GST tax structure.Nifty faces resistance at previous lifetime highs, markets correct, index likely to remain in consolidation for few days; move towards 11,950 is a buying opportunity;We will discuss TRADE SUMMARY where all the trades which are discussed in this letter will be summarizing at one place. BANK NIFTY has seen intraday decline after making lifetime new highs.

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Children boutique. I think if you watch Mean Girls the plastics have skirts like these but I could be wrong. The tiers and ruffles and shortness of skirt were important, but I think the foldover waist is what really dates the look.. Such impairments might involve different components of the reward process, including brain activity during reward anticipation. We examined brain nodes engaged by reward anticipation in 1,544 adolescents and identified a network containing a core striatal node and cortical nodes facilitating outcome prediction and response preparation. Distinct nodes and functional connections were preferentially associated with either adolescent hyperactivity or alcohol consumption, thus conveying specificity of reward processing to clinically relevant behavior.

Never mind that fat people are often pressured to buy more and fancier outfits (aka more expensive) for work, because simple outfits like this are considered by virtue of the fact that people associate our BODIES with ‘sloppy or the fact that a fat person in jeans and a t shirt is ‘letting herself go and ‘doesn care about her appearance while the same look on a thin body is ‘classic and ‘chic but anyway, girl, your thin black piece of overpriced garbage game is on point. I haven seen an Enjolras swagger like Savile in a long time, hmm. Hmm..

Video recording and heating capabilities on SEM/EDX enables in situ, real time observation of solder wetting characteristics. A variable pressure, bell jar wetting system allows studies of process gas variations on solder wetting. A high pressure, UHV compatible wetting chamber attached to one of our surface analysis systems allows us to study the surface physics during solder wetting and spreading.

Muni i alte mediului de lumin. Coreea un spectacol de varietati,Police lentile de ochelari preturi,ochelari de soare dolce gabbana, se va cu fanii faa ei Open ul francez de aprare titlu a precum i declaraiile i coninut fr site ul a confirmat la acest articol i care toate sau o parte a coninutului. Dior Homme 2015 arat haine de var debutul spumos.

Most guys want to look like an image or a person they inspired by rather than create their own look. There is a standout star in the Kingsman ensemble, it is the double breasted suit. A typically 1980s, and lately unfashionable, style, not everyone was convinced when Vaughn first proposed it for his secret service agents.

Here we show that the first 10 amino acids at the NH2 terminus of survivin are sufficient to target GFP to the mitochondria in vivo, and ectopic expression of this decapeptide decreases cell adhesion and accelerates proliferation. The data support a signalling mechanism in which mitochondrial survivin activates the tyrosine kinase, C Src, leading to reduced focal adhesion plaques and disruption of F actin organisation. This strongly suggests that the NH2 terminus of survivin is a mitochondrial targeting sequence that regulates C Src, and that survivin acts in concert with C Src to promote tumorigenesis..