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Consider: piano majors are usually astounded to learn, from their string playing friends, that in violin, viola, and cello sections, F Sharp is by no means the same thing as G Flat. What is usually explained to them is melodic intonation, usually associated with the cellist Pablo Casals, which holds that “leading notes should lead,” or in other words that (for example) a melodic F Sharp in the key of G Major should be raised played slightly high so as to pull even more toward the G resolution. Similarly, a melodic G Flat in the key of B Flat Minor would be played low so as to pull down to the F resolution.

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The story has been dominated by the dialectic of music and noise, with the battle lines drawn over frequency range, distortion, scratches and pops, hiss and rumble. Yet rather than a battle, it was more of a cold war: reducing and eliminating these imperfections was a major concern, but it was never possible. Listeners have always had to learn to listen past these sounds, to filter them out, to keep the medium distinct from the message.

Method: Frequent attenders (FAs) were identified from case notes and invited by their practice for assessment, then offered CBT. Feasibility and acceptability were assessed by CBT session attendance and thematic analysis of semi structured questionnaires. Clinical and cost effectiveness was assessed by primary care use and clinically important change on a range of health and quality of life instruments.Results: Of 462 FAs invited to interview, 87 (19%) consented to assessment.

Given this crude grasp of the market, Landers and his company decided to stay away from the “craze” of dance orchestras, which they thought would attract too young an audience for their product. Instead, their “final decision was to recreate the black face days of yore in an old fashioned minstrel show,” which they did with comics Percy Hemus and Al Bernard in the resulting Dutch Masters Minstrelsprogram. These two entertainers were not stars, Landers admitted, but figures who became “almost as well known as the ‘Happiness Boys.'”.

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