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Using ultra high field 7 Tesla (7T) functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), we map the cortical and perceptual responses elicited by intraneural microstimulation (INMS) of single mechanoreceptive afferent units in the median nerve, in humans. Activations are compared to those produced by applying vibrotactile stimulation to the unit TMs receptive field, and unit type perceptual reports are analyzed. We show that INMS and vibrotactile stimulation engage overlapping areas within the topographically appropriate digit representation in the primary somatosensory cortex.

Expenses occurring outside of a student’s study period will not be considered in the assessment. For example, living expenses (rent, utilities, etc.) incurred during the summer period will only be considered if the student is registered in a 52 week program at Queen’s during the Summerterm. Therefore if a student is only registered at Queen’s in the Fall Winter, the cost of their rent during the summer will not be considered, even if they are obligated to a 12 month lease..

Kulture Klash is really an arts party like the kind commonly organized in New York. I’m told the place to go is PS1, but I’ve never been there and never been to one of those events. Kulture Klash, and I’d imagine events at PS1, are about diversity, creativity, and having a lot of fun.

If you never let a stormy day get you down, these boots are the perfect choice for you. For $83.95, these boots are an incredible steal, especially considering the festive joy you will bring people you walk by as you strut your stuff in these vibrantly colored boots! With waterproof exteriors and insulated interiors, these boots features four way stretch uppers and a removable polyurethane sockliner. The non slip, self cleaning outsole will keep you safely gripped to those slippery sidewalks and streets, removing your fear of slipping and injuring yourself.

We all live in one bedroom that Mama rents from a nice lady. She lets us use one shelf in the kitchen and one in her fridge for our dishes and food. Mama is looking for work, but it’s been really hard for her to get a job. Adding highlights after localizing the ambient light a bit more made me able to dot in some highlights. Now, highlights just like ambient light, all follow the same direction. In case of the example above they would all be situated facing towards the light ( every highlight sits towards the right, but can stretch to the left depending on how they orientated towards the light)..

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