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A good coat can always make an outfit: We all know that the Duchess of Cambridge has a stunning collection of coats in basically every colour of the rainbow. Her outerwear game is always on point sometimes so much that we don’t even notice (or care about) what she’s wearing underneath. Invest in a gorgeous coat that you feel good in (whether it’s a bold colour, intricate pattern or classic black or grey), and toss it on to give any outfit an added dose of class and glamour.

This sounds, on the face of it, like a terrific premise for a movie: a story both dramatic and timely, and a celebrated cast more than able to jolt it to life. But something went wrong on the way to “Bombshell,” and much of it is Charles Randolph’s cutesy screenplay, which features multiple voice overs commenting on the action which unfolds at a snappy, cartoony pace more suitable to a dark comedy. (This would be fine if that was what “Bombshell” set out to be, but it isn’t particularly funny.) Roach gives it the ugly flatness of a not too expensive television movie and, worse, seems to have little interest in the three women at the story’s center.

Why personally message someone who just spewed toxic garbage about a friend? I knew that doing the same back at her was unkind, I wanted to apologize for that and I wanted to let her tell me her side of things. I was never going to with her over Stephanie, that for darn sure, but I wanted to validate her feelings because at the heart of things I am not an asshole. I really hate people being upset even if they just royally pissed me off..

It almost payday for Pinterest. The four year old social network that functions as a digital scrapbook will soon begin letting marketers advertise to the company nearly 50 million monthly users. By summer, a select number of advertisers will be able to place promoted posts in category feeds and user searches.

So far Wall Street seems unconvinced that King has another hit on the way. While King is extremely profitable, earning more than $500 million in 2013, 78 percent of the company gross bookings come from Candy Crush. Hit mobile games have a habit of fizzling out relatively quickly, and Candy Crush generated less revenue in the fourth quarter of 2013 than it did in the previous quarter.

1. I marry this year and I am very anxious about move in with him, and be a married person and the wedding.2. I am anxious, I think constantly about dying and I go to a psychologist since last year, I much better3. Unlike the popular cinema, the New Indian cinema is almost always concerned with the common man. The heroes are not supermen with extraordinary ambition, who have to rise from poverty, tame the rich girl and fight the evil landlord, but ordinary men and women acting under the pressures of ordinary living. It is a form of individualization as the characters no longer have to represent icons of society like the wife or the mother in law This also explains why the form of these films is usually neo realistic, though there is a great variety in the films of different directors..

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